Frequently asked questions

How can I register to the Congress?

The event is full & registration was closed on 4th June.

Is there a registration deadline for the Congress?

The event is full & registration was closed on 4th June. 

When will I receive the access instructions to the Congress?

The access link to the EOC will be sent to all registered participants one day till the Congress, following daily reminders on the days of the Congress. In the email you will be asked to create an account to access the Congress platform. 

Will the Congress be translated?

The event will be held in two languages English & Portuguese.
You will be able to choose to follow the event in an original language or click on the Portuguese translation channel. 

In which languages is the platform displayed?

The main platform features will be displayed in English only, but usage instructions and navigation guide will be available in both in English and Portuguese.

What technical conditions do I need to meet for the best possible participation at the Congress?

If possible, use the latest version of Google Chrome as your browser, or alternatively the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer, you might expect display limitations.

You will receive additional technical requirements from us in advance and have the opportunity to test them.

How can I engage in the discussion?

During the event participants can engage in the discussion via multiple functions: chat, Q&A, feedback (emoji) button, and live polls.

  • Via the chat, you will be able to comment on the topic.
  • Via the Q&A function, you will be able to submit your proposal for questions* to the Congress speakers.
  • With the feedback (emoji) button, you will be able to virtually react or applause our speakers.
  • Via the live-polls, you will be able to provide real-time feedback to the moderators of the event.

* Please note that the amount of questions reaching our speakers live will be limited due to time limitations. To get an answer to a question that was not brought up live we kindly invite you to address our speakers or our organisations on social media after the event.

How can I contact other participants during the event?

As a participant you have the possibility to get in touch with all other participants at any time. Various communication tools are embedded for this purpose – choose between contacting via chat message, arranging a videocall appointment, or joining the networking tool in the platform, which will match you with other users willing to network at the same time as you do.

Can I follow the Congress on social media?

We will be live-tweeting the Congress using #EOC2021, #EuropeanOrganicCongress, #MakingEuropeMoreOrganic, and #EUorganic2030 from @OrganicsEurope on Twitter. Livestream of the event on social media won’t be available. 

Will the sessions be recorded and available for later viewing?

All sessions will be recorded and shared on the EOC website and IFOAM Organics Europe communication channels the week after the event.

Will the material of the Congress be shared with the participants?

Public materials will be available on the EOC website after the Congress.

Will the Congress be livestreamed?

No, the only way to access the Congress is via the Hopin platform for registered participants. DO NOT click on any other links, they are scams.