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About Green Organics

Green Organics’ team of experts brings growers and customers together. They make contact, agree on good prices and ensure that everything is sown, harvested, delivered and processed on time. Simply put: they take care of the entire chain, from ground to mouth.

Green Organics only works with organic vegetables, potatoes and fruit. Every year they are responsible for growing, processing and selling 50 million kilos. They help farmers grow what is in demand so that all the harvest is sold and eaten. They do this because we want to take good care of the earth and feed people with healthy food. And because the farmer and the buyer earn fair prices. With a growing world population, the demand for healthy food will continue to rise.
To ensure that there is enough food for everyone, we need to include more vegetable protein sources in our diet.
Green Organics is one of the frontrunners in the protein transition. They grow and sell soy, among other things.

For more information, visit the Green Organics Website.


About Natruland

Naturland is one of the major international associations for organic agriculture worldwide. Along with 100,000 farmers, beekeepers, fish farmers and fishers in 60 countries throughout the world, they are living proof that organic, social and fair economic activity can only thrive in international co-operation. More than any other organic associations Naturland strives to reconcile the interests of local producers with those of international operations in a globalised world.

They have been around since 1982, but at Naturland they have always been open to rethinking organic concepts and producing impressive organic innovations. They were the first to convert a tea garden to organic agriculture. They transferred the organic principle to the production of fish and seafood in aquaculture. They also safeguard our natural woodlands by applying rigorous organic management principles. And They were the first association ever to combine organic and fair trade under one label. They continually strive to hone their strict and explicit Naturland standards.

For more information, visit Naturland’s website.

About Suolo e Salute

Suolo e Salute is the first Inspection and Certification Body in Italy for organic certification: certifies more than 19.000 operators (farmers and processors) i.e 26% of the Italian organic operators, about 600.000 hectares, i.e. 30% of the Italian organic cultivated areas.

It has its origin as an association, (Associazione Suolo e Salute), which was established in 1969 in Turin and was a pioneer in the promotion of organic agriculture. Authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry since 1992 for inspections and certification in organic farming and production (Reg. CE 834/07).

Among the services offered, besides organic, we remember Organic Products (Reg. CE 834/2007), Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG), GlobalG.A.P. Standard and GRASP, Traceability in Food Chains (UNI EN ISO 22005), Integrated Farming (UNI 11233 – SQNPI), Management of Green Areas no food, BioVegan Attitude and Vegan Attitude, Natural and Organic Cosmetics (Bio Cosmetics), Voluntary Labelling for beef and poultry meat, Private Procedural Guidelines for the evaluation of agricultural and food production, Private Procedural Guidelines for the technical inputs for agriculture, ISO 14001*, ISO 9001* and ISO 22000*, BRC* and IFS*, Halal* and Kosher*, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)* *in collaboration with authorized/accredited partners

For more information, visit Suolo e Salute’s website.


About Nutrimais

Nutrimais is an organic farm concealer, made from the composting of separate raw materials at the source.

As an organic agricultural corrective, not a chemical fertilizer, its regular application to agricultural soils results in the maintenance or increase of the natural fertility of these same soils.

Nutrimais provides a wide range of nutrients, as it has vegetable raw materials in its origin, releasing them naturally over time and as they are decomposed by the microbial flora of the soil, retaining them and preventing their washing to the water table or waterways.

For more information, visit the Nutrimais website.


About Valoritalia

Valoritalia is the leading company in Italy authorized by MiPAAF, for the control and certification of wines with Designation of Origin, Geographical Indication and wines with indications of the grape variety and / or vintage.
In a market that is increasingly attentive to respect for the environment and the authenticity of products, certification becomes an important competitive choice.

Valoritalia provides companies with a broad package of voluntary certification and certification services for organic production, proposing itself to operators as an essential partner of experience and competence to pursue the following objectives:

  • interpret the supply chain to contribute – within a framework of well-defined rules and procedures – to the improvement of the certification system.
  • giving opportunities to companies – which obtain an important economic surplus from the certified product – and to consumers, who rely on the guarantee, aware of the meticulous traceability and transparency that exists behind it.
  • offer passion, professionalism and competence: thanks to the daily commitment of over 200 professionals, Valoritalia is able to understand the needs of each supply chain, accompanying it in its growth process.

For more information, visit  Valoritalia’s website.


About CAAE

CAAE is an international certification body with a global approach for a more organic world, offering services that cover all the needs of the sector.

Accredited by ENAC under the ISO 17065 standard for different scopes. CAAE is the only entity in Spain authorised by the USDA in the USA (NOP), by the MAFF for Japan (JAS) and authorised by the European Commission for Third Countries to the EU. (NOP), by the MAFF for Japan (JAS) and authorised by the European Commission for Third Countries to the EU.

For more information, visit CAAE’s webiste. 


About Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra

Coimbra Agriculture Schoo (Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra, ESAC-IPC) was established in Coimbra in 1887 and is the most ancient agriculture school in Portugal. Originally named Central School of Agriculture, was renamed several times throughout the years. In 1979 was named the current denomination and in 1985 was integrated into the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC).
Coimbra Agriculture Schoo is an institution with history that looks into the future. The facilities and equipment are adjusted to modern times and we offer bachelor (level 6) and master programmes (level 7) on agriculture, biotechnology, environmental technology and management, food engineering and technology, forest sciences, ecotourism and veterinary nursing.

For more information, visit  Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra’s webiste.


About Tradecorp

Tradecorp are experts in micronutrients and speciality fertilisers. Founded in 1985 in Spain, Tradecorp has gained broad experience in crop nutrition, which we offer our clients to improve their crops and their business.

For more information, visit Tradecorp webiste. 


About Miosótis

Miosótis is the main Bio Portuguese market, having completed 13 years in 2020, having the largest variety and largest commercial area dedicated to organic foods, natural cosmetics, bio plants and substrates, detergents without aggressive chemical agents, and household utilities made with sustainable materials.

Working in close proximity with hundreds of producers nationwide, many exclusively, they offer daily a wide choice of high quality and fresh products, valuing bio-Portuguese agricultural production, native animal varieties and species, some of which have become recovered, as well as sustainable fishing

For more information, visit Miosótis webiste.

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Bio Eco Actual is a multi-award-winning publisher that raises awareness about organic food, ethical consumption and sustainability. With a combined reach of 10 million readers per year, we can create a personalized campaign to share your product or brand with our highly engaged audience, through our publications in print and digital format Bio Eco Actual, Bueno y Vegano, El Botiquín Natural and Master Organic.

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